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Create more impact with our experimental Knowledge Delivery methodology 

Micro Learning

Forget about courses that take months to create. We provide our bespoke framework and ready curriculum to jump start your knowledge sharing. 


Pick a specific in-demand skill to focus on. We split each skill into 5 levels of advancement, with outlined Learning Objectives for each level. 

Time Freedom

Once you created the content, it is delivered asynchronously. You can sit back and enjoy your time, while earning money.

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Who are we looking for

You don’t have to be a professor to teach Green Skills, only have a wealth of knowledge in a specific focus area of the Green Economy. We provide the methodology, skill description, and guidelines of the learning objectives across 5 levels of advancement for each of the skills. 

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Passing your knowledge has never been easier


Get approved as Green Educator

Download the Trainer Kit and get familiar with our approach. Reach out to the contact provided in the end of the deck. 


Skills are assigned to your school

After we agree on the scope, you will be invited as an admin to the Trainer webapp to set up your School.


Create content and start earning

Once you are ready, you can start monetising your knowledge with regular payouts. We will ask you to update the course once in a while to keep the materials fresh and relevant.

You ask, we answer

Most common questions

You don’t have to directly interact with the students of your courses, but we welcome additional engagement.

Details will be agreed on before signing the contract. 

We form contractual relations, and your earnings will be directly dependent on the number of people who lear the skill you teach. You will be able to monitor the number from your dashboard. 

The course price is consistent throughout the platform, but more complex skills have higher price. 

We collect the payment from the learners and after retaining our share, distribute the proceeds to your account on a monthly basis. 

You retain all IP rights of the content you create. However, after you enter into an agreement, you can’t remove your content from the platform for the period lengths specified in the contract (mutual agreement). 


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